Butt Shake Fundamentals Explained

Buzz that butt! Hype your booty using a playful vibrating butt plug that will shake your ass off! Sounds fun, yeah?

Get crazy and exciting with this butt plug which has a remote controller adding more vibes in which you let your partner do the control at the same time you're feeling the powerful senses as it tickles your backdoor sensations going to your genitals. Should you feel doing anal sex by yourself, you'll have your"oh so shakey" moment with his butt plug vibe by simply eliminating the remote controller plug-in and let your butt perform the pumping!

You get the best of both vibrators and anal plugs in only one toy with this thrilling butt plug!

Thanks to the slow expansion of the toy from tip to base, you are going to feel much more backdoor pleasure intensity as you slide the plug deeper inside you.

With the slender neck and broad base, this anal plug offers extra security for you. You don't have to worry about the plug going in too heavy! The glossy surface of the plug additionally makes it easy to insert and remove. Cleverly engineeredwith a multi-speed vibrator, this anal plug may be customized for your pleasure requirements.

The handheld controller features a simple twist dial that you can utilize to increase or reduce the vibrational intensity.Since the vibration is Anal Vibrator centered at the tip of the butt plug, you will feel additional stimulation to boost your anal pleasure!

Not feeling up for vibrational senses? You can detach the controller easily and utilize the plug in by itself! The control jack trap cord makes it effortless to separate the components.

Key Benefits:

- Unique vibrating butt plug that features multiple speeds!
- gray anal plug Form
- Flexible, but company, so you get the best placement for ultimate anal pleasure!
- Tapered design with slim neck and broad base to prevent the plug from moving in too deep
- Sleek and smooth surface for easy insertion

- Jack pin strand on controller for Simple attachment and detachment
- Allows for hands-free fun and backdoor bliss!


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